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Tech Startup Enabler
Tech Startup Enabler

Need digital product but has no tech team? Let us realize your idea rapidly.

Digital Transformer
Digital Transformer

Need to increase efficiency through tech? Let us transform the process using suitable tech.

IT Managed Service
IT Managed Service

Need to maintain your existing tech? Let us handle and maintain the tech stuff.


  • Web & API Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Integration & Deployment
  • User Research & Testing
  • Data Visualization


  1. Plan
    Requirement Analysis
    Preparation for development starts from translating business processes into a list of requirements by a technical team in collaboration with clients. This activity is about determining users, tasks and functions as well as what information these users need from the software, and understanding how users expect a system should work. This activity can be done in a face-to-face (meeting) process and translated into a document to make tracking easier.
  2. Design
    Design & Prototyping
    Software development is carried out using the Agile Development method. This method is a set of software development principles in which requirements and solutions develop through the collaborative efforts of cross-functional teams. This agile process accommodates adaptive planning, evolving development, faster delivery of results, and continuous improvement, also encourages a fast and flexible response to change.
    Usability Testing
    The testing process is initiated internally by the technical team. Based on the scenario created, the QA tester will conduct tests to assess that the software developed meets the standard requirements that have been defined. If there are still things that are not suitable or errors are found, it will be fixed by the development team. This process can take place every time a feature is developed and occurs iteratively.
  3. Deploy
    Software Deployment
    Deployment is carried out on a server that has been determined by the client. Implementation to a live server using an open source operating system to make the server easier to manage further.
    User Acceptance Testing
    UAT is performed directly by actual users of the software to ensure that the software runs to specifications and can handle the tasks required in real-world scenarios. UAT is also known as beta testing or end user testing.
  4. Grow
    Search Engine Optimization
    Improve the presence of search engines (Google, Bing, etc) by optimizing the website information and technical best practices (meta tags and attributes).
  5. Maintain
    Analytics Integration
    Track and monitor the visitors of the website for further analytical insights.
    Error Monitoring
    Software maintenance related to errors and bugs is carried out to ensure the continuity of the system and software being developed. Any findings that are not in accordance with the requirements will be repaired and retested. The maintenance period starts after the deployment process is done.
    Routine Database Backup
    Backup the main database hourly to outside the data center to keep the historical changes.
    Disaster Recovery Mitigation
    If something wrong happens on the system, there is a mitigation scenario to restore the latest database backup to make the website live as soon as possible.
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